Future Annual Dances

August 4, 2018Log Cabin SwingersBeach Party Double Deal
August 25, 2018Cotton Pickin' SquaresDouble Deal Dance
August 31, 2018Texas Reelers43rd Anniversary Yellow Brick Road
September 28, 2018Fort Worth SquaresAnnual 50's Dance
September 28, 2018Swinging StarsSwinging Stars Double Deal Dance
September 28, 2018Kissin' KuzinsDouble Deal Dance
September 29, 2018Roadrunners47th Anniversary Dance
October 6, 2018Log Cabin SwingersOOMPA Mainstream Weekend
October 26, 2018Fort Worth SquaresPure Country Double Deal
November 9, 2018Log Cabin SwingersStory Time Chapter 6
November 9, 2018Cliff Dwellers45th Anniversary Dance
November 10, 2018Dixie ChainersDixie Chainers 60th Anniversary Dance
November 16, 2018T Square GadaboutsTalkin' Turkey with Vernon Jones and Bobby Willis
November 19, 2018Lone Star SolosAnniversary Dance
November 30, 2018Swinging StarsDouble Deal Dance
December 14, 2018Stone SteppersHome for Christmas Dance
December 21, 2018T Square GadaboutsPajama and Appreciation Day
December 31, 2018Fort Worth SquaresNew Year's Eve Dance
December 31, 2018Rebel RousersNew Year's Eve Dance
December 31, 2018Log Cabin SwingersNew Year's Eve Dance
February 15, 2019Kissin' Kuzins46th Anniversary
March 9, 2019Diamond JubileersMardi-Gras Anniversary Dance
March 29, 2019Swinging StarsSwinging Stars Anniversary Dance
March 30, 2019Tri-City Promenaders59th Anniversary Dance
March 30, 2019Swinging StarsAnniversary Dance
May 18, 2019Trail Blazers49th Anniversary Dance
May 31, 2019Texas Reelers44th Anniversary Dance
June 29, 2019Rebel Rousers30th Anniversary
August 31, 2019Roadrunners48th Anniversary Dance
September 14, 2019Diamond JubileersDouble Deal Dance
February 29, 2020Kissin' Kuzins47th Anniversary
May 30, 2020Roadrunners49th Anniversary Dance
July 18, 2020Rebel Rousers31st Anniversary
October 6, 1930Swinging StarsSwinging Stars Double Deal Dance