Advertised Special Dances

January 2, 2020 RoadrunnersWelcome New Year
January 3, 2020NDDKissin' KuzzinsDance to a New Year
January 3, 2020T Square GadaboutsFirst Friday Dance
January 3, 2020Texas ReelersFly the USA
January 3, 2020Triangle SquaresRegular Dances
January 4, 2020Circle 8Al Frazier
January 4, 2020Circle INew Years Resolution
January 4, 2020Log Cabin SwingersJanuary Schedule
January 9, 2020Double PlusWinter Wonderland
January 9, 2020NDDLone Star SolosNew Dancer Dance
January 10, 2020Cliff DwellersThe New 20-20s Dance
January 10, 2020Stone SteppersBrr…It's Cold Outside
January 10, 2020Swinging StarsSecond Friday Dance
January 11, 2020Cotton Pickin' SquaresWelcome 2020
January 11, 2020Diamond JubileersSnowman Dance
January 11, 2020Dixie ChainersWinter Wonderland Dance
January 16, 2020RoadrunnersSuper Bowl Party
January 17, 2020Kissin' KuzzinsPajama Party
January 17, 2020NDDT Square GadaboutsNew Dancer Dance
January 17, 2020Texas ReelersDisco Fever
January 18, 2020Rebel RousersBennett Bowl
January 18, 2020Trail BlazersPolar Bear Dance
January 23, 2020Lone Star SolosWinter Blues Dance
January 24, 2020Fort Worth SquaresPre-Super Bowl Dance
January 24, 2020Stone SteppersSoup-er Bowl Dance
January 24, 2020NDDSwinging StarsBoots & Jeans
January 25, 2020Dixie ChainersBaby It's Cold Outside
January 25, 2020Tri-City PromenadersArctic Blast
January 25, 2020@Triangle SquaresWinter Wonderland - 45 Anniversary
January 26, 2020Harvest HolidayWinter Fun Rounds
January 30, 2020Lone Star SolosDance for a Cause Fundraiser
February 1, 2020Circle IBlue Jeans and Cowboy Boots
February 14, 2020@PioneersMardi Gras - 39 Anniversary
February 15, 2020DDRebel RousersBlack & White Ball
February 29, 2020@Kissin' KuzzinsLeap into Spring