Advertised Special Dances

May 2, 2019 RoadrunnersFeasta Fiesta
May 3, 2019T Square GadaboutsFirst Friday
May 3, 2019Texas ReelersViva La Fiesta
May 4, 2019Circle I May the 4th be with you
May 4, 2019Log Cabin SwingersMonthly Dance Schedule
May 4, 2019@Log Cabin Swingers44th Anniversary Celebration
May 9, 2019Lone Stars SolosMay Fest Dance
May 10, 2019North Texas Camping SquaresMonthly Dances
May 10, 2019February 25, 2036February 26, 2036
May 10, 2019Swinging StarsSwinging Stars May 10th Dance
May 11, 2019Diamond JubileersSwing into Spring
May 11, 2019DD Dixie ChainersDixie Chainers 59th Luau Party
May 12, 2019DD Cliff DwellersProm Night
May 16, 2019RoadrunnersSadie Hawkins Day
May 17, 2019Kissin' KuzzinsCelebrate America
May 17, 2019T Square GadaboutsFiesta
May 17, 2019NDDTexas ReelersCommunity Heroes, New Dancer Dance
May 18, 2019Rebel RousersArmed Forces Day Dance
May 18, 2019@Trail Blazers49th Anniversary Dance
May 23, 2019Lone Stars SolosRed, White & Blue Dance
May 24, 2019Fort Worth SquaresNever Forget Dance
May 24, 2019Stone SteppersMemorial Day Tribute
May 24, 2019Swinging StarsSalute the Troops
May 25, 2019DD,NDDCotton Pickin' SquaresDouble Deal/New Dancer Dance
May 25, 2019Dixie ChainersMarch 24, 2036
May 25, 2019Tri-City PromenadersCelebrate Graduations
May 27, 2019T Square GadaboutsMemorial Day Dance
May 31, 2019@Texas ReelersBoots and Belles Anniversary Dance
June 1, 2019Circle I Sail Away into Summer
June 14, 2019DDPioneersDouble Deal Dance
June 22, 2019@Cotton Pickin' SquaresSilver Anniversary Dance
July 18, 2019@Rebel Rousers30th Anniversary