Advertised Special Dances

January 1, 2019 Log Cabin SwingersChanges in 2019
January 3, 2019RoadrunnersWelcome New Year
January 4, 2019NDDT Square GadaboutsNew Dancer Dance Western Style
January 4, 2019Texas ReelersDestiny Awaits
January 5, 2019Circle 8February 17, 2036
January 5, 2019NDDCircle INew Years Resolution
January 10, 2019Lone Star SolosHappy Birthday Elvis
January 11, 2019Cliff DwellersRodeo Roundup Dance
January 11, 2019Stone SteppersApres Ski Dance
January 11, 2019NDDSwinging StarsNew Dancer & Chili Dinner Dance
January 11, 2019Wayne ShoemakerSquare Dancing is Alive and Well in Rockwall
January 12, 2019Dixie ChainersBoots & Jeans Dance
January 12, 2019Cotton Pickin' SquaresWinter Wonderland
January 12, 2019Diamond JubileersPutting on the Glitz
January 17, 2019RoadrunnersSuper Bowl Party
January 18, 2019Kissin' KuzzinsBarn Dance
January 18, 2019T Square GadaboutsWinter Wonderland
January 18, 2019Texas ReelersHappy Days Sock Hop
January 19, 2019Log Cabin Swingers1965 Hippies Dance
January 19, 2019Rebel RousersBennett Bowl
January 19, 2019Trail BlazersWestern Day with Joey Duhamel
January 19, 2019@Triangle SquaresRed and White Sweetheart Ball
January 24, 2019Lone Star SolosWinter Wonderland
January 25, 2019NDDFort Worth SquaresPre-Super Bowl New Dancer Dance
January 25, 2019Stone SteppersAll Squares Horse Country HoeDown
January 26, 2019Dixie ChainersWinter Blues Dance
January 26, 2019Tri-City PromenadersStarry Starry Night
January 27, 2019Harvest HolidayWinter Fun Rounds
January 31, 2019Lone Star SolosGround Hog Day Dance
February 8, 2019PioneersValentine Dance
February 15, 2019@Kissin' KuzzinsLove is in the Air
February 16, 2019DDRebel RousersBlack & White Ball
March 9, 2019@Diamond Jubileers58th Anniversary & Mardi Gras