Welcome to NORTEX

September hopefully brings us cooler weather and a chance to enjoy our favorite activity of dancing.  It’s also time for our clubs to have lessons going on or starting new lessons.  Don’t forget to make our new students feel welcome and happy to be a part of a square dance family.

We would like to thank those who attended our last NORTEX business meeting on Sunday, August 19.  Your interest and involvement in the business of NORTEX helps the direction of our favorite pastime, square dancing, grow and thrive. The more you attend the business meetings, the more you’ll understand the business.

The 2018 KALEIDOSCOPE OF COLORS Pre-Round-Up dances have been going great.  The attendance has been so impressive.  The clubs are really getting involved and seeing that these Double Signature dances have increased their club’s treasury with attendance more than in the past several years.  These dances have taken the place of selling Grand Prize tickets this year and it’s amazing how it has been so successful.

Registration for Round-Up is looking fantastic and folks are getting their reservations at the Comfort Inn in Grapevine for both October 19 & 20.

September 3 is Labor Day so enjoy a 3-day weekend.  September 9 is Grandparent’s Day so enjoy those sweet grandkids.

The next NORTEX business meeting will be held November 4 at 2:00pm at Swingtime.  Please mark your calendar.  Club Presidents and two Delegates from each club are the ones who control the direction of our Association.  Be sure to let your Area VP know if you have changes to your President or Delegates at this meeting.

We would like to thank all of the Elected and Appointed Officers, Round-Up Committees and Chairmen for all of their hard work.  It is truly an honor and privilege to serve you, the dancers and clubs of NORTEX.  We are looking forward to seeing you as we visit your clubs and special dances and continue to“Live to Dance and Dance to Live”.



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